Saturday, March 28, 2009

Women Hijab Collection

Soft 100% Silk fabric with jacquard embroidered pattern and a flat edge. Excellent for all weather. 100% Silk. Available in: Tangerine, Black, Olive, Pine, Chocolate, Ivory, Red, Ocean Blue, Pink, Navy Blue, and Tan. Imported.

Soft lightweight crepe fabric with sequins, beading and a beaded edge. Excellent for all weather. 100% Polyester. Available in: Tangerine, Pink, Gold, Pale Blue, Olive, Rose, Grey, Slate Blue, Black, Persian Blue, Navy, Ocean Blue, Cinnamon, Ivory, and Tan. Imported.

Soft acrylic fabric with woven pattern and a fringed edge. Excellent for cooler weather. 100% Acrylic. Available in: Ocean Blue, Wheat, Charcoal, Pine, Yellow, Black, Melon, and Dark Brown. Imported.

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