Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pashmina Shawls (For Men & Women)

The Water Pashmina, Jacquard shawl is related directly the water Pashmina. Both Water Pashmina and Water Pashmina Jacquard are recently new products which have become very popular. The shawls have been made of wool and silk. Special about these shawls is that front and backside having a different shade of colour and the pattern woven in the shawl. These patterns can either be classical or modern. We have both types available in our assortment. Limited available is the Pashmina with wide stripes

A 100% Pashmina shawl is a 1st class quality product. Only pure Pashmina wool is used, not using other materials like cotton or silk. This may sound contra dictionary, but a pure woollen Pashmina shawl is even more expensive than one where silk is used.

If you are tveling to your destination in cold, windy weather? A red color prickly shawl is irritating your skin? Try a Pashmina scarf, high quality made of 100% Pashmina wool. A warm embrace for your body. A classic scarf made of 100% Pashmina wool. High quality, comfort and warmth are what you may expect.

A shawl of 70% Pashmina wool mixed with 30% silk. The silk makes the shawl shiny and strong. In Pashmina 70/30, the threads strung on the loom (warp) are silk. Pashmina yarn is used to weave across the silk threads. These shawls are of very good quality. Increasing the amount of silk up to a rate of 60/40 or 50/50 does not increase its quality. Of course a silk shawl is a beautiful product, but the lower amount of Pashmina wool the cheaper the shawls can be made

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