Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For Deffrent Part Of The Day .

Its summer. Temperature is 42°C.
best wear is clothes made out of Lawn. Sweet thing. Romantic dressing of the 60’s is coming in as a breath of fresh air. Garara, Pishwaz, Angarkha, Chooli are being worn as everyday wear. Cotton Garara looks and feels great. For Office, its either a nicely tailored Shalwar Kamiz or an attractive Sari. Fashion in the 90’s comfort. Short sleeves are preferred, dresses are no longer worn loose , Dupatta is no longer an element of veil but a delicate symbol of femininity. Jeans and fashion trousers are making there way in.

Mix and Match!! Create your own style!! Western, Indian, Oriental, Folk etc. contemporary fashion amasses every facet. Designer industry is booming and there are quite a few very respectable names in this still juvenile industry. Best and most attractive thing is the Coti (a Jacket) embroidered with Dabka in geometric motives and colors that will swing your heart. Chiffon, Silk, Lace, Velvet, hand loom fabrics glitters the evenings. Pencil heals enhances the delicacy.
Formal evenings include Lehnga, embossed Organza Shirt with Chooridar pajamas, Sleeveless Choli and Lenga, and a deep neck line. Designer industry conducts fashion shows, with top models like Eruj, Ayesha, Sonia, Bibi, Iffat Rahim cat walking through the long Isle. Big boost.

Hair are worn straight. Streaking is quickly becoming an expression.
Working women prefer either short hair, knotted hair or a nice and comfortable Joura.
In parties or elsewhere straight hair with waves of steps dancing along the shoulder portrays a carefree look of the Pakistani woman of the 90's.

Pakistani Gold Industry thrives due to its culture, nothing less than 22-Carat is acceptable! Extensive jewellery is bought for the bride as gifts (dowry.) Most of the designs depict the delicate designs of the Muslim heritage. Both religiously and traditionally, Gold is exclusively for feminine use. Jhumar, tikka, payal, Kara are local ornaments and have special meanings in different occasions. As far as hand craftsmanship, this industry creates masterpieces. Along with everything else, this industry is going through a revolutionary change. Latest tools are available and above all, Diamond craftsmanship is building

we have every thing to show you beautiful among your gathering.

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