Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pashmina Hijabs (For Women)

A beautiful multiple shade pashmina hijab. The multiple shades include pink,purple,cream,red and blue. There is an embedded design in this pashmina. There are also silver beads spread over the whole pashmina.
A gorgeous pashmina in a light orangish colour with a design imprinted in green inside the pashmina. The double shade hijab is very popular with our retail store customers. The tassles are in green. There are silver stars (beads) spread around the Pashmina hijab.

A very high quality hijab pashmina in about three three main shades and more subsidiary shades. Silver beads are placed across the whole pashmina hijab. This pashmina hijab is quite light in weight but warm when used. The pashmina also has tassles on both ends of the pashmina hijab

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